Indefinite Hiatus

August 26, 2016

I don’t think anyone’s reading this thing, so it’s going back to the vault for now.


My Vive Library So Far

July 7, 2016

Title — Short Description — Letter Grade

A-10 VR — shoot bullets and lasers at robots floating towards you — (B)
Audioshield — Music rhythm game — (B+)
Fantastic Contraption — Physics puzzle game — (B)
Final Approach — air traffic controller simulator + more — (B+)
HoloBall — Pong in VR — (C+)
Irrational Exuberance — drug trip simulator? — (B+)
Job Simulator — comedy-guided “job” simulator, little replay value — (B-)
Project CARS — driving simulator (fairly realistic and rigid; don’t get if looking for an “arcade racer” like I was) — (B)
Space Pirate Trainer — similar to A-10 VR but with more emphasis on dodging — (B)
Surge — free VR music video — (B-)
The Lab — well polished set of minigames — (A+)
theBlu — interactive “underwater” demo — (A-)
Tilt Brush — nifty drawing app — (A+)
Universe Sandbox — play God and fly around space, but very limited features in VR mode — (C+)
Vanishing Realms — adventure game / first person RPG — (B+)
Water Bears VR — well-polished Pipe Dream-ish puzzle game — (A)
Windlands — grappling hook simulator — (A-)
ZenBlade — basically fruit ninja in VR — (C-)

Vive Comfort Part 3

June 9, 2016

The research continues — evidently, my previous post is worth disregarding. What really seems to matter more than anything is getting the IPD right. I think I’ve been struggling to fit the headset on correctly because I was trying very hard to fix it in the position where I could see “clearly,” but realizing that I instead needed to get it comfortably on my head and THEN adjust it so I can see better.

Vive Comfort Part 2

May 28, 2016

Ha — now I’ve figured something out that, for me, makes more difference than all of the previous post’s items combined: I swapped out the default face padding with the “narrow” face padding that also came with the unit.

As I posted on reddit: “I’ve spent a lot of time trying to adjust the straps, lenses and cushions on the Vive and was pretty bummed out that no matter what I tried, it seemed uncomfortable to use and would imprint itself onto my nose like so:

I was pretty much ignoring the narrow face plates because I was thinking “Oh, I’ve got a reasonably big head and that’s probably for children and the like.” No — it was the panacea I’ve been looking for. It took me a week to bother trying the narrow face cushion, but it’s super fast to swap out so there’s no reason to not try it!”

Vive comfort hacks!

May 27, 2016

I’m finally starting to figure out ways to make VR comfortable to use for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Things that have worked for me:

-Remove the padding near the nose (see pic, just move it slightly downwards) — this seemed to physically be more comfortable, but also allows a bit more airflowWP_20160527_02_18_46_Pro.jpg
-Have overhead fan on. Yes, it’s a potential obstacle, but the breeze helps a lot
-Earbuds instead of headphones! I did not realize just how much the headphones were contributing to my “overheating” issues, and the earbuds seem slightly easier to keep on as well
-Have a place to put the controllers. I have some loose cargo shorts, and the pockets can house the controllers when I need to set them somewhere
-Have a bottle of Gatorade nearby
-Have as close to a square area as possible

I’m now in a 3×3.3 area, and it’s a very noticeable improvement over 2×3 meters.

Vive Day 7: The Move is Upon Us

May 25, 2016

It’s time to see just how much of a bottleneck the GPU is! My new computer — to live permanently in the living room — is arriving today. It’s a pretty powerful PC, but I didn’t order a graphics card with it since the GTX 1070 is coming out soon. Until then, I’ll be transferring the GTX 960 in this machine to my VR computer. I’ll also have a chance to see how much bigger a 3×4 meter space feels compared to a 2×3 meter space. Stay tuned!

Day 4 Vive Report — Comfort Issues!

May 21, 2016

By far, by FAR my biggest complaint with the HTC Vive is how unergonomic it is. I really can’t stand to wear it more than about 10 minutes at a time due to it pressing down on the sides of my nose and it getting so hot inside the unit. I’ve tried a few different configurations, and I’m beginning to worry that the absolute discomfort, combined with mild motion sickness, will prevent me from enjoying VR as a leisurely activity.

I think a haircut may actually help a bit with the overheating issues — as for the strap adjustments, I’ll just have to keep trying.