Drop that right in my box

Dropbox is a superb little application. In the past, if I wanted to share an image I’d either struggle to send it over AIM (with so many instant messenger clients and protocols out there, my personal success rate of file transfer with any individual person is low) or I’d resign to the tedious process of uploading it to imageshack/photobucket. If I wanted to share a larger file, I’d have to use something like FileFront.

With Dropbox, I now have a dedicated file-sharing folder. It fully integrates into Windows Explorer, and acts as any other folder would. Anything I put into the folder automatically uploads to the Dropbox servers. To share the file, all I have to do is right-click on it and put the assigned URL on my clipboard. I paste it wherever I want, and anyone who follows the link can download my file from Dropbox’s speedy servers.

For free, you get 2 gigabytes of storage. When you update a file, the URL for it doesn’t change. But the best part is that it’s really fast and really convenient. It’s how I share almost all my files now.

Things I use it for:

  • Sharing gameplay (and other) videos
  • Sharing pictures
  • Hosting my games
  • Hosting my resume
  • Important file backup
  • A place to share website prototypes (Clicking on a Dropbox link for an html file is just like going to any other webpage)

I save minutes a day thanks to this nifty program. That adds up.


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