Physics! 3

And so the technical problems begin. It seems the software I’m using to develop this, Clickteam Fusion, is unable to compile in a way that Windows Phone 8 can handle. Naturally, this makes first-hand testing that much harder and of course would limit the potential audience. I’ll need to see if it works on Windows 10 Mobile too.

Another limitation I noticed is that ink effects (like making objects semi-transparent) seem pretty limited.

I’ll look into this, (creating it for Windows and exporting as XNA), but then there is this. (XNA support is being phased out already).

Really, I just hope the HTML5 stuff DOES work on Windows 10 Mobile and that my Lumia will get that upgrade available soon — that seems like the least complicated way forward. Until then, I may have to concentrate on adding features while at the same time factoring in that I don’t know which platform I’m compiling this for yet… Maybe I’ll install a preview build of Windows 10 on my phone and see where things go from there.


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