VR: The HTC Vive

Over the past several days I’ve managed to watch most of this 11 hour long video reviewing the HTC Vive on the day of its official launch:

There’s a lot of potential, but it seems not very many developers willing to commit a lot of resources yet so the content is lacking. The reasoning isn’t hard to come up with: at this point in time, someone developing a VR app or game doesn’t know which of the VR hardware is going to take off. Do you assume the user has space to walk around or will be sitting down? Do we assume they have access to hand sensors or not? Nobody’s gonna want to sink a lot of money into making a game hardly anyone can play. There is definite mutual interest between the various companies developing VR to make their stuff work on each other’s hardware, but I don’t think we have terribly coherent organization in this industry just yet.

I may be interested in the second or third generation of the Vive, assuming more content becomes available down the line. The fact that it must be wired is quite a large downside, all other things considered.


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