Vive comfort hacks!

I’m finally starting to figure out ways to make VR comfortable to use for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Things that have worked for me:

-Remove the padding near the nose (see pic, just move it slightly downwards) — this seemed to physically be more comfortable, but also allows a bit more airflowWP_20160527_02_18_46_Pro.jpg
-Have overhead fan on. Yes, it’s a potential obstacle, but the breeze helps a lot
-Earbuds instead of headphones! I did not realize just how much the headphones were contributing to my “overheating” issues, and the earbuds seem slightly easier to keep on as well
-Have a place to put the controllers. I have some loose cargo shorts, and the pockets can house the controllers when I need to set them somewhere
-Have a bottle of Gatorade nearby
-Have as close to a square area as possible

I’m now in a 3×3.3 area, and it’s a very noticeable improvement over 2×3 meters.


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