Vive Comfort Part 2

Ha — now I’ve figured something out that, for me, makes more difference than all of the previous post’s items combined: I swapped out the default face padding with the “narrow” face padding that also came with the unit.

As I posted on reddit: “I’ve spent a lot of time trying to adjust the straps, lenses and cushions on the Vive and was pretty bummed out that no matter what I tried, it seemed uncomfortable to use and would imprint itself onto my nose like so:

I was pretty much ignoring the narrow face plates because I was thinking “Oh, I’ve got a reasonably big head and that’s probably for children and the like.” No — it was the panacea I’ve been looking for. It took me a week to bother trying the narrow face cushion, but it’s super fast to swap out so there’s no reason to not try it!”


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