My Vive Library So Far

Title — Short Description — Letter Grade

A-10 VR — shoot bullets and lasers at robots floating towards you — (B)
Audioshield — Music rhythm game — (B+)
Fantastic Contraption — Physics puzzle game — (B)
Final Approach — air traffic controller simulator + more — (B+)
HoloBall — Pong in VR — (C+)
Irrational Exuberance — drug trip simulator? — (B+)
Job Simulator — comedy-guided “job” simulator, little replay value — (B-)
Project CARS — driving simulator (fairly realistic and rigid; don’t get if looking for an “arcade racer” like I was) — (B)
Space Pirate Trainer — similar to A-10 VR but with more emphasis on dodging — (B)
Surge — free VR music video — (B-)
The Lab — well polished set of minigames — (A+)
theBlu — interactive “underwater” demo — (A-)
Tilt Brush — nifty drawing app — (A+)
Universe Sandbox — play God and fly around space, but very limited features in VR mode — (C+)
Vanishing Realms — adventure game / first person RPG — (B+)
Water Bears VR — well-polished Pipe Dream-ish puzzle game — (A)
Windlands — grappling hook simulator — (A-)
ZenBlade — basically fruit ninja in VR — (C-)